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Brexit Update 11.03.21

We are grateful to Belfast City Council for their support with navigating EU Exit changes.

There will be a recording from yesterday's webinar available next week, and a futher webinar later this month.

The session brought up a number of questions and the summary advice was as follows:

  • Register with TSS
  • Register with the UK Trader Scheme in order to qualify for 'at risk' waiver status
  • Focus on issues specific to your own circumstances
  • Check what support is available from the Economic Development office of your local council
  • Check the commodity codes for the materials you use, and if buying from GB clarify the country of origin
  • There is a lot of new terminology to get used to - try to focus on solving your particular issues as they arise
Craft NI will continue to work with our advisor to provide support specific to the most common issues.













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