Our Mission

Craft NI's mission is to build an integrated, entrepreneurial and vibrant contemporary crafts sector in Northern Ireland, actively supported by regional and local stakeholders, that contributes increasingly to the creative, cultural and economic life of Northern Ireland.



  • Advocacy and profiling
  • Developing partnerships and regional infrastructure
  • Raising Quality Awareness



Advocacy and profiling
- web site and communications
- initiatives and events
- marketing and publicity
- research, data collection and evaluation
- developing and asserting Craft NI’s competence as champion and advocate for industry growth and development

Developing partnerships and regional infrastructure
- cultivating regional partnerships and cooperation
- sharing information and signposting
- cultivating inter/national partnerships and communications
- develop public partnerships
- investment in the industry
- ensure Craft Northern Ireland has a secure organisational base to consolidate its role as champion of the crafts sector

Raising Quality Awareness

- Develop artistic and creative development
- Provide Business Support
- Promote and develop the national and international craft sector

For more information on ‘what we do’ and ‘how we do it’ please read Craft NI’s Innovative Craft Strategy 2014 – 2017

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