Going for Glass

Northern Ireland glass artists are very well represented at a range of recent and forthcoming international contemporary glass events.

The Glass Games got underway in mid-June. Organised by the Contemporary Glass Society, the Glass Games are an extravaganza of glass events that capture the Olympic spirit and bring the artistry and innovation of contemporary glass to more people than ever before.

There are more than 70 events happening between June and September - and NI glass artists including Andrea Spencer, Scott Benefield, Catherine Keenan and Alison Lowry are involved. Alison Lowry is one of the glass artists to produce an Olympic-inspired medal for the forthcoming Medallions Exhibition (22nd Aug - 15 Sept). 

Alison Lowry and Andrea Spencer were also part of an Irish delegation who presented the exhibition 'Elements' at the New International Glass Exhibition, which was part of the Shanghai Art Fair (May 2012). Further information.

Craft NI making it programme participant (2009) Pia Raeymaekers is currently part of Design Flanders showcase of design talent - New Harvest 2011, Brussels.

Finally, an Olympic-torch inspired celebration of the manipulation of molten glass took place at Flowerfield Arts Centre at the start of June, featuring workshops with Catherine Keenan, Andrea Spencer and Scott Benefield. You can see Scott Benefield giving a demonstration in this video .

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