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Business & the Economy

The Creative Industries sector contributes £24.8bn GVA annually to the UK economy and employs 678,480 people.  Of this, the craft sector contributes 12%, or £2.98bn GVA and employs 88,202 people.  In Northern Ireland the Creative Industries sector employs 11,640 people and contributes £245M GVA annually to the UK economy. 

The NI craft industry accounts for 16% (1,862) of this work force contributes £39M GVA to the [GVA = Gross Value Added]

Statistical sources: Creative and Cultural Skills: Creative and Cultural Industry - Impact and Footprint (08-09) ; Northern Ireland – Impact and Footprint (08-09) ; Craft – Impact and Footprint (08-09)

Craft NI works closely with partners to support the sector in developing business potential within the arts and cultural environment and increasing its contribution to the NI economy. 

Our key activities include general promotion and increasing the visibility of the sector at home and abroad through our web site and Directory of designer makers, as well as through our making it and Business Support Programmes, support for designer-makers attending trade shows, developing craft input to the growing tourism economy and promotion of sales at key points during the year.


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